A Photoshop Alternative?

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Adobe have been holding us to ransom for years with ever increasing prices, terrible user support (especially phone support), and now an impractical cloud based monthly subscription CS package. There have been many attempts by other software companies to compete, but Adobe have successfully cornered the market as an industry standard… But Affinity Software mean to change all that, or at least where Photoshop is concerned.


Less than 48 hours ago Affinity offered up the BETA version of their new software for free. It’s unclear what aspects or similarities it will share with Photoshop, but I’m really curious to try it.

  Sorry PC users, this one is for Mac Users only, No idea whether there is any intention of releasing for PC. But if you miss out on the BETA the application will be available from the Mac APP Store for: £39.99/ €49.99/$49.99 – All updates for the first 2 years ill be free and there will be no on going subscription costs either.
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