Exploring Filmmaking: From Script to Screen (National Film and Television School & BFI Film Academy)

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  The National Film and Television School (UK) and the BFI Film Academy have joined forces with Future Learn.com to offer a free online course starting February 2nd, and judging by the calibre of lecturers it’s poised to be a … Continued

*I guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again… Part One

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  In the good old days, if you remember that far back, there was the sudden decline of VHS with the introduction of a new format… DVD. Films were suddenly broadened and expanded with the additional data footprint afforded by … Continued

Living with an SJ4000 – The Good, The Bad and the Indifferent.

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I’ve now been the owner of the SJ4000 for several months, in fact, I have two and am considering getting a third… And probably a fourth. As an unmanned camera they can competently record in 1080p for an hour before … Continued

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