Editing… abridged – A Week of Technique and Stylisation

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no film school


And back over at No Film School this video was posted a few weeks back and is a quick explanation and look into the history of film editing by the guys at Film School’d.


Watch the video here:


The full article on No Film School:

The History & Techniques of Editing Explained in Less Than 7 Minutes

Although the above video is more dedicated to the art of perception, especially with the use of montage, there is some good information here. My main concern is the lack of clarity on continuity, which for me personally, can make or break a film. Bad continuity has the ability to remove the suspension of disbelief and completely lose the viewer interest in the process.


Film Riot explain continuity here:


My, personal, favourite film for excessive continuity errors has to be Jurassic Park and there is no end of videos pointing these errors out on You Tube, but here are a couple to help you better understand how a film, no matter how good you think, can be heavily marred by bad continuity.


Jurassic Park Mistakes Part One:
And for good measure, Part Two:


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