Exploring Filmmaking: From Script to Screen (National Film and Television School & BFI Film Academy)

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The National Film and Television School (UK) and the BFI Film Academy have joined forces with Future Learn.com to offer a free online course starting February 2nd, and judging by the calibre of lecturers it’s poised to be a very interesting 6 weeks.

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Course component rundown:

1 – Introduction: how does a film get from script to screen?
Nik Powell, director of the NFTS and producer of more than 40 films, including The Crying Game, Mona Lisa and Company of Wolves.


2 – Storytelling: what’s the difference between plot and theme?
Destiny Ekaragha, director of Gone Too Far.


3 – Decisions: how to choose budget, schedule, location and kit?
Mike Figgis, director of Leaving Las Vegas, TimeCode and Internal Affairs.


4 – The scene: how does a director make choices on set?
Corin Hardy, director of The Hallow and just announced to direct re-make of The Crow+ has directed music videos for artists such as The Prodigy, Olly Murs and Devlin.


5 – Time and space: how does editing affect meaning?
Justine Wright, editor of Touching the Void, The Iron Lady and Locke.


6 – Sound and music: what is the impact of a film’s soundtrack?

Danny Hambrook, sound designer of Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Le Week-End, production sound mixer on Rush

All in all, it’s a vast field of talent offering some insight into Filmmaking from start to finish.

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