Filming inside Jim… I mean GYM!

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Filming a speaking engagement tonight for Dr. Stephanie Kabongo (Hormone and Anti-Aging Doctor). Should be interesting. She has informed me she will be the 3rd speaker of the evening. Met her at the venue and I must say, this one might be hard! The room isn’t built for sound, the “stage” area is backed by a wall length mirror, the windows, although covered with decals, aren’t soundproof and are level facing… Oh and the only way to cool the room is a series of LARGE fans… All these things don’t fill me with confidence… Especially for the sound quality. I really do hope all goes well for Dr. Stephanie’s sake if for nothing else.

Sometimes I love the challenge, sometimes I just want to ensure people get the best result from a potentially bad situation… In this case the situation will be played by the venue!





Seriously! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong last night. I tested the wireless Microphone the day before the even, everything is perfectly fine…. On the night just before¬†Dr. Stephanie¬†is about to begin I get a Taxi’s CB radio… With a dirty feed I’m reduced to the Top mount Mic… With the speed of the gods themselves I managed to whip the microphone from my case, mount it and set it up in time to catch half of Dr. Stephanie’s introductory sentence… From there it only got worse. For the sake of Dr. Stephanie I won’t go into details. Lets just say that mirror and those fans I was worried about came into play and I was right to be concerned.

Sometimes I’m just glad there are bad days AND good days.

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