I’m not Sexy, nor a Wealthy Woman, but I have come away Inspired

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Yesterday was a looooooooooooooooooooooong day! Especially for my battered old body. But was fun none the less.

My only concern is that the 10 tapes filmed in full 1080 HD are likely to consume a huge amount of my system resources not to mention the storage space… Tomorrow I order a 2TB HDD to compensate. Then there are all the digital files from the Kodak zi10 I had running as a wide angle.

Although I was concentrating on what I was doing the majority of yesterday I can comfortably say I learned a great deal and have actually come away feeling somewhat inspired and a tad ashamed for calling myself out on several of the negative traits discussed and earmarked by Yvonne Hilsz (even though she’s Australian). Jody Jelas also had some interesting things to share in the world of online exposure… Should be a little more pro-active on the blog updates, if for nothing but a constant reminder.

Jody mentioned they intend to hold more events so keep an eye on the SIWW website if you’re interested… And a woman… For obvious reasons.

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