Moving with the times – An experiment in film distribution (The Interview)

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As Sony face the continued aftermath of the leaks scandal, they also faced a release scandal for the film The Interview. The irony of the latter is that it was just as heavily publicised, but no one really cared.


Having now seen The Interview, I can honestly say it’s a series of overly repeated Anal/Drug/Dick jokes, Lord of the Rings references, and stereotypical racism. In fact the humour is the lowest common denominator and often seems to be a line-o-rama of utter stupidity, not unlike the last film co-directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan –This is the End. But for it’s complete lack of tact, flow, and complexity, it does provide a few snigger worthy moments, but it’s more a piss-take at the expense of American misconception than a direct dig at North Korea; so the belief that the film was not “properly” or “conventionally” released suggests it to be more of a publicity stunt than pressure from North Korea.

The Interview became an experiment in alternative release strategies for the Hollywood machine, and the article on Tom Antos Film is a great explanation and goes on to discuss the pros and cons of the limited theatre and simultaneous online release for Hollywood and Independent cinema.





We all know the obscene budgets some films get in Hollywood in order to secure the best Writer/s, Star/s and Director in the aspirations of creating the next seasonal blockbuster, but often these films are nothing more than popcorn fare or yet another sequel.



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