Noir Noir Noir – A Week of Technique and Stylisation

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Tom Antos has been at it again, a while back, he released a short tutorial video on no budget lighting for Noir filming for the No Film School website.

Check out the video here:


Read the No Film School page here:
Exclusive Tutorial: How to Create Stunning Film Noir Style with Very Little Money

But what is film Noir?, well originally it was a Black and White filming style used heavily in American crime dramas, and as more and more of these films were released they all became a watered down parody of themselves; to the point of being “hand coloured” with heavy blacks and not much else (EG: Bugsy Malone). But the Black and White stylistic Noir went out of fashion, though the film content remains to this day (EG: Gangster Squad, although a better example would be Sam Mendes’ Road to Perdition). A perfect book, which is essentially Noir, would be Charles Bukowski’s Pulp, which is screaming for a film adaptation.

Although the Noir look can be done very poorly/badly, it’s now a little used effect which, when done well, can really make your low budget pop… provided the material is suitable of course.

Films like the adaptations of Sin City and it’s Sequel, have made good use of the Noir look, although in a heavy green screen environment which is classed as Neo-Noir, it’s just a pity they never quite lived up to expectations or the Frank Miller source material.


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