Operation Radio Free… Baghdad?

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Music Video assignment for film school.

The video was filmed on a modest budget over two days. The band gave me creative control, I assume because they didn’t put much stock in what the outcome would look like. I loosely explained the video concept to Guitarist Andrew Ashton on a cellphone while standing on a street trying to shield the phone microphone from the wind… It’s a wonder he even considered talking to the rest of the band before agreeing. The edit was a solid 2 weeks on three crappy G4’s with the combined rendering power of aCommodore 64… It was handed in on time (just) and the final mark was in the 90% range (can’t remember off the top of my head).

The Larry Norman’s self titled debut album is still available at all good record stores! I believe the band are still currently on an indefinite hiatus (but I could be wrong – They may have called it a day)

This video was televised on Alt TV, Juice TV and someone told me they saw it on C4(I have no idea how they got it though and neither do the band).



One day when I get the time I would love to make some minor tweaks and changes to this video, and would love to finally upload an HD version…. Stay Tuned it may still happen.


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