Remembering Box Dog

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Almost a lifetime ago, I was involved in a show on local music television which today, for those who remember it, is still revered and considered a cult phenomena (these are NOT my words). Although, at the time, I was still very young and often operating the camera through alcohol hazed vision, there was something both humbling and educational about the experience. I had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented guys who often showed such genius in the art of humour often through obscure reference. Strangely, we never thought anyone was watching, but so very many years down the track I bump into people who remember the show fondly.

Max tv


Box Dog aired on Wednesday nights from 9pm to Midnight (although often running over time) on the long defunct Max music television channel (eventually purchased by TVNZ and replaced by short-lived MTV). Some now famous people got their start through or by association with Max TV, perhaps the most well-known being Zane Lowe who hosted the Serious Fun Show each week night and on Wednesday would have to endure our interruption and interference (and losing to me at Tetris).



box dog


Although Box Dog felt like a tiny blip on an otherwise vast New Zealand television radar the guys have gone on to bigger and brighter things, and as time passes and I see and speak to them less and less I still keep tabs on them.


Robbo – Peter Vegas



Original Host Robbo (Peter Vegas) has continued in advertising and garnered enough awards to put an EGOT winner to shame. He has also written and published several humorous books including a Stickmen series. His SPCA driving dogs campaign went viral and still appears on social media.


Nathan Rarere



Replacement host Nathan Rarere went on to Ice TV on TV3, then eventually back to radio and appear on sports television and as a voice actor on local animated seriesBro’Town. I believe he is currently at Radio Live.


Luke Nola


Luke Nola went on to co-host the Chat Bungalow with Robbo and eventually started his own production company creating one of New Zealand’s longest running and most engaging children’s television series, Let’s Get Inventin’.


Steve Saussey



Steve Saussey, with his quiet and reserved facade was often harbouring a mind in overdrive forming ideas and concepts. He put the most effort into his characters, more than any other member of Box Dog. He recently co-started a production company Stuff and Nonsense, and is currently making a stir with his first short film Whiskers for which he received the Future Filmmaker Award at the Palm Springs International Short Fest


Whiskers Trailer



Box Dog is probably best remembered for Krispy the Clown, sadly has found himself repeatedly in the penal system, his current location is unknown.
 For all their accomplishments, I’m proud to say that from humble beginnings on Box Dog, this experience in some small way may have helped guide and direct these guys into their current activities. I’m also glad to have known them and been a very small part of the Box Dog show.
box dog

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