Simplified demystification… Blu-ray Vs. DVD

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blu-ray vs dvd


I’ve previously mentioned the benefits of Blu-ray, and also the flaws where up-scaling is concerned (See previous blog post: *I guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again… Part One), but I failed to simplify the differences between the two disc type mediums. Most people will understand these differences as mentioned in the below blog post (from Mighty Ape), but sometimes it’s hard to explain to laypersons or parents, the lack of overt detail may just make the difference a little easier for you to explain.

The chimps over at Might Ape have done just that in a nice, compact, compressed, concise, and demystifying way (yes, some of those weren’t required, but you may have seen what I did there).

Read their blog post here: DVD vs Blu-ray – which is better?

Personally, I don’t think I could have simplified it any better, however there are a few pros and cons they omit, but again I went WAY too in-depth in my aforementioned post.

Mighty Ape
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