Stop Motion Animation – The Morgan Spence Way

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Morgan Spence

Some of you may have already heard of him, others may not, but Morgan Spence has successfully been doing what many of us have previously attempted to poor effect. Morgan animates Lego using stop motion, and as evidenced by the videos (below) to brilliant effect and to an amazingly (probably painstakingly) high standard.

Although I was aware of the Paul Oakenfold music video, I wasn’t aware it was by young Morgan. But it was this article (below) a few days ago on the Daily Mail which peaked my interest and seemingly the interest of many many others.

Already offering an impressive resume of projects, Morgan Spence is still only 15 years old, I honestly can’t wait to see him flourish and make longer and longer projects.


Paul Oakenfold – Who Do You Love
Famous Film Scenes… in Lego


lego E.T.


lego singing in the rain


Morgspenny Productions Official Website
Daily Mail Website
Lego Official Website

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