Pocket Cameras, Action Cameras, Smart Phones – The filming revolution is coming (it’s already here!)

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I’ve been an advocate for pocket HD cameras for a while, ever since I got a Samsung U10. The U10 is probably the worst introduction to Pocket Cameras, as was the second one I got, a Kodak Zi10. BUT once … Continued

Living with an SJ4000 – The Good, The Bad and the Indifferent.

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I’ve now been the owner of the SJ4000 for several months, in fact, I have two and am considering getting a third… And probably a fourth. As an unmanned camera they can competently record in 1080p for an hour before … Continued

Helmet Live @ Galatos Auckland 21/12/2013 – Footage

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Although nothing creative, I finally uploaded some footage I took of the US bandHelmet playing live at Galatos in Auckland on December 21st last year. All the following videos were shot using a Kodak Zx5 (PlaySport). Helmet – Just Another Victim/Milquetoast … Continued

I R Ninja – Bypassing HDV/DV Tape without having to replace your camera!

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The wonders of ever changing technology see us, as consumers, forever upgrading. But what happens when you’re content with some of the technology you already have or own? And worse your initial investment was expensive but the re-sale value is … Continued