The Slump

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the slump

Being in a creative rut or slump is the worst feeling for creative or creatively minded people. The longer it stays with the you the less and less confident you feel about yourself and your abilities, jobs dry up and personal projects get mothballed indefinitely or ignored entirely. It’s a fine line which can tip someone to breaking point and that day job to pay the bills becomes harder and harder to break free from; and so continues the rut.

There is a medication for almost everything now, although potentially and probably placebos, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for creative people which doesn’t further stifle and impair what is suddenly not coming easily. I’m not saying medication is an answer, I’m merely following a mental process here.

It first starts when you’re out and about, your minds eye is fraught with activity and the ideas are pouring from you. You come up with and conceptualise great ideas or scenes or dialogue, or what have you. Then reality comes crashing in, you don’t have a pen and paper handy to write it down, or you grab your phone and start writing notes and like a water through sift you can’t keep up and start forgetting elements. Worst of all is when you’re at that day job and you don’t get the opportunity to put pen to paper, and as fast as those ideas entered your mind they’ve vanished into the ether.

I don’t have an answer for the blockage, I just know I’m in the oppressive throws of it. Even those random pop up thoughts are drying up, even to the point of many a potential blog post (for the 2 of you to read). I have old ideas, and I need to go back to them, I need to invest time and see if something can become of them, whether they can be enhanced or improved. I need to do something to get myself motivated again. I don’t like this head space, it would be nice if people had realistic solutions or ideas on how to ease your way out of a slump.


the slump



This is not a cry for attention, nor a warning sign. It’s merely a need to do something creative, even if it is just a venting blog post.

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