Vimeo… Feature Film of the Month? (SUNDAYS)

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Sundays, Mischa Rozema


And so yesterdays Vimeo find of the month (for March) post proves that the online release of independent shorts and proof of concept trailers are garnering more and more studio attention. Where once “musical stars” were discovered through social media and You Tube, now too are directors and original concept films.

SUNDAYS has been greenlit with studio backing and will indeed become a full length feature film, after a studio bidding war which saw Warner Brothers win out.

Full article on Deadline

Follow up article on The Verge

I can only hope that one day we will finally see a movie length feature film about the exploits of Maru…. We’ve all been thinking it, and it has more originality than the regular studio remakes, reboots and adaptations.

We all dream of discovery, but it’s nice to know it is actually happening for some people and judging by the work on display, rightly so.

The Verge

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