Vimeo Find of the Month – October (Brian Carroll – God’s Eye View Compilation)

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Trying to make this an actual Monthly thing, so…

god's eye

… This month, although not an original film, is a beautiful montage of God’s Eye Viewshots from some well known (and not so well known) films set to music by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This was edited together by Brian Carroll an editor from Philadelphia.


I realise that this video was uploaded about three years ago, but I thought it was worth mentioning and is a great reference piece for anyone looking to use God’s Eye. Check out his other edits on Vimeo here


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NB: God’s Eye is usually referred to as Bird’s Eye View, but since a birds eyes are usually either side of their head, it makes the naming incorrect as it’s more about their vantage than their actual “view”… for the more pedantic of us…

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