Warm and Cool – A Week of Technique and Stylisation

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Warm and Cool - A Week of Technique and Stylisation


An often overlooked technique are the “warm” or “cool” looks. These techniques can be achieved using editing techniques and grading now, however they were once an in camera effect.

Stylistically, these tones were/or have been achieved with film stock and lighting. The “Warm” look was achieved using daylight lighting with Tungsten film stock (think early Guy Ritchie films like Lock, Stock or Snatch).


Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – Trailer:
Snatch – Trailer:

The “Cool” look was the reverse, using Tungsten lighting with Daylight film stock (think Brian Helgeland’s Payback).


Payback – Trailer:


Granted the use of filters can and does go a long way to also achieve these looks, but for the ease of lay explanation, that is basically it.

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Here’s a video comparison:

Warm and Cold – Pixels & Frequencies

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